Training and Vacancies

The company prides itself on its dedication to training and developing our employees. 

As an equal opportunities employer, we aim to promote diversity and equal opportunity through all our work, and are totally committed to creating an environment where our employees can flourish. The company has a continuous programme of training across all divisions, and believes this policy results in retention of staff and ensures continuity and experienced personnel throughout every department of the company.

All employees attend an induction course and all site staff attend First Aid and Safety Awareness courses, ensuring that safety is at the foundation of every activity. In addition, using our in-house training facility, our Training Department ensures staff are kept up to date with their certifications and are trained in new skills, not only site-based but ‘soft’ skills too. Apart from an Annual Appraisal, all staff have a Personnel Development Review and employees also have the opportunity of fully funded Further Education to levels such as HNC, MBA etc.

Askam host regular training days, held at our purpose built training centre. These training days focus on specific subjects and are usually delivered by a national training company. 

Askam aims to deliver more training days to their employees year on year. We have adopted the ‘Rethinking Construction’ and ‘Construction Best Practice’ initiatives and are expanding our Apprenticeship Scheme.

Our Industrial Placement scheme offers students the opportunity of training with us during their Industrial Placement year. We recruit Civil Engineering students from local Universities. The students, if they prove their capabilities during their year working with us, may be offered a formal invitation to join the company following their final year.

During your year with us you could end up working on a reservoir way up in the hills, a canal lock or aqueduct, an industrial building, a water treatment works or a wind farm project. Where you go during your year will depend entirely on the range of projects under way at the time. For more information, email