Clean Water

Askam Civil Engineering was founded on water based civil engineering projects. As time went on the work broadened to the diversity we enjoy today. Clients include United Utilities (North West Water), British Waterways and The Environment Agency. Our specialism is work on Service Reservoirs, few companies will tackle this kind of work which demands a very high control of work methods to avoid contamination of the drinking water which is fed direct into the domestic system. Askam has carried out many such projects on framework agreements with United Utilities for work on Service Reservoirs through out the North West.

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Bradshaw Reservoir Works
Working with United Utilities, the works to this reservoir comprised of the following:
Wayoh & Rivington Contact Tanks
The Contract scope for this clean water project included the following items: -Temporary access and accommodation works.
Alderley Edge Service Reservoir
General refurbishment to the Service Reservoir (SR), which consisted of removing the existing Air Ventilation structure and replacing it with new.
Huntington Contact Tanks
This 18 week project for United Utilities covered the complete replacement of an existing waterproof roof membranes over the current contact tanks.
Watchgate Contact Tanks
This is a further example of the successful installation of an intelligent membrane over a live service reservoir.
Black Moss Reservoirs
This project comprised of work on both the upper and lower impounding reservoirs at Black Moss in Pendle for United Utilities.
New Years Bridge Reservoir
Upgrading of the overflow facilities at the New Years Bridge Reservoir.
Bollinhurst Reservoir
Upgrading of the overflow facilities at the reservoir and improvements the safety and stability of the dam.
Intelligent Membranes
This project included the design and construction of a new waterproof membrane to cover the exiting bonded roof membrane.